BPLI Holdings Inc. (BPLI) is the publicly listed holding company for its two wholly owned operating divisions, Bluedrop Training and Simulation Inc. and Bluedrop Learning Networks Inc. to which it provides management oversight and shared corporate and financial services. BPLI’s mandate is to grow its investments in the training and eLearning sectors, through both organic growth and through strategic acquisitions.

Our History

BPLI Holdings Inc. has evolved from one integrated operating company into an investment holding company with two wholly owned individual operating businesses.

BPLI Holdings was founded by Emad Rizkalla in 2004 as Blue Drop Inc., an eLearning company based in St. John’s.

In January 2012, Blue Drop Inc. acquired Serebra Learning Corporation under a reverse takeover arrangement to become Bluedrop Performance Learning Inc. (Bluedrop), a publicly traded company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange.

In late 2013, Bluedrop acquired Atlantis Systems Corp. (Atlantis) and combined its existing Defence and Aerospace business unit with the newly acquired Atlantis business. The combined business was renamed Bluedrop Training & Simulation Inc. with headquarters in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In October 2014, Bluedrop reorganized its operating companies to split its two operating divisions into separate legal entities. It further segmented the operating companies in 2019 with separate executive leadership and independent operating teams. We believe this structure gives us the flexibility to create long term shareholder value by either funding each division individually or collectively.

Bluedrop Performance Learning Inc. changed its name to BPLI Holding Inc. (BPLI) in March 2020 to better reflect its transition into an investment holding company with two wholly owned individual operating businesses. BPLI provides oversight to the investments and overall governance through its independent board of directors.

Our Structure

BPLI Holdings Inc. is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V: BPLI). The Company is majority controlled by insiders with limited trading of public company shares due to a small float and no institutional ownership resulting in low market capitalization.

Financial results are reported on a consolidated basis with segmented reporting for operating companies.

The SEDAR database contains continuous disclosure documents that BPLI Holdings Inc. files with the Canadian securities regulatory authoritiesView these documents.