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BPLI Holdings Inc. is committed to providing our investors with the most up-to-date information on our company’s growth. BPLI Holdings Inc. is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V: BPLI). For Investor related questions, please contact:


BPLI Holdings Inc. (BPLI) mandate is to grow its investments in the training and eLearning sectors, through both organic growth and through strategic acquisitions. It has completed two acquisitions including the RTO of Serebra Learning Corporation in 2012 and Atlantis Systems Inc. in 2013. It has grown its revenues from less than $7 million in 2011 to over $23 million in 2019. 


Quarterly Reports

Reporting PeriodFinancial StatementsMD&A 
Q1 Financial Results for 2020-21
Q3 Financial Results for 2019-20
Q2 Financial Results for 2019-20
Q1 Financial Results for 2019-20
Q3 Financial Results for 2018-19
Q2 Financial Results for 2018-19
Q1 Financial Results for 2018-19
Q3 Financial Results for 2017-18
Q2 Financial Results for 2017-18
Q1 Financial Results for 2017-18
Q3 Financial Results for 2016-17
Q2 Financial Results for 2016-17
Q1 Financial Results for 2016-17
Q3 Financial Results for 2015-16
Q2 Financial Results for 2015-16
Q1 Financial Results for 2015-16
Q3 Financial Results for 2014-15
Q2 Financial Results for 2014-15
Q1 Financial Results for 2014-15
Q3 Financial Results for 2013-14
Q2 Financial Results for 2013-14
Q1 Financial Results for 2013-14
Q3 Financial Results for 2012-13
Q2 Financial Results for 2012-13
Q1 Financial Results for 2012-13
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Annual Statements

Reporting PeriodFinancial StatementsMD&AAIF
Audited Financial Results Year End 2019-20
Audited Financial Results Year End 2018-19
Audited Financial Results Year End 2017-18
Audited Financial Results Year End 2016-17
Audited Financial Results Year End 2015-16
Audited Financial Results Year End 2014-15
Audited Financial Results Year End 2013-14
Audited Financial Results Year End 2012-13
Audited Financial Results Year End 2011-12
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Sedar Filings

The SEDAR database contains documents that BPLI Holdings Inc. files with the Canadian securities regulatory authorities. View these documents.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is a promise to our employees and the community that we will always be ethical in everything we do. It is integral to the sustainability and growth of our company, and it is focused on continually enhancing:

Corporate Governance

Our goal is to ensure our corporate governance structures, systems and practices always conform with the rules and guidelines established by the Canadian Securities Administrators. We have established an audit committee to monitor and measure our performance against these guidelines, and identify opportunities for enhancements.

Environmental Stewardship

Our investment's business models are built on cloud-based computing, meaning minimal impact on our environment. Even so, we have adopted extensive policies and practices to reduce the carbon footprint of our offices. These efforts are not only helping to preserve our natural resources, they are effectively cutting our operating costs.

Community Investment

From the start, BPLI Holdings has been committed to making a difference, both in the communities where we live and work and internationally. We do this in many ways, from adopting families at Christmas to raising $20,000 for relief efforts following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, always led by our employee-run True Blue committee.

Standards & Practices

Ensuring the quality of the products we deliver to our customers starts with maintaining a safe, supportive and progressive working environment for our staff. We have implemented ISO 9001 standards, industry recognized best practices and a quality system to manage our processes and activities.